Exclusive Interview with Oxygen Network’s Reality Star Judi Jai

I had the opportunity to interview Judith Camille Jackson AKA Judi Jai. Judi entered the entertainment scene as a cast member of Oxygen Network’s “Bad Girls Club Season 7”. Since then, she’s made appearances and has been featured on many of Oxygen’s reality shows. Check out my exclusive interview with Judi below!

So you are well known as a cast member of Bad Girls Club season 7. Are you still in touch with any cast members of Bad Girls Club? From my original season I am pretty cool with almost everyone. People had kids, getting married. For them BgC is the past. Oxygen keeps me pretty relevant and I’m usually on every spin off Bunim Murray produces. Out of all the things I did with the network, I’ve walked away with some pretty good friendships. On every show I’ve left with some great lifelong friends.

Do you feel like being on the Bad Girls Club changed you at all? If so, how? It made me more insecure. You know, being on reality tv you put yourself out there. The internet gives anyone, usually trolls… You know, the people who sit behind a fake parody account with no pics of themselves. Yeah, they have the biggest balls ever. Or should I say the biggest fingers ever because they are Internet gangstas. Social media gives people the ability to tear you down behind a computer or phone screen. But at the same time it has made me stronger because in this industry you just have to be.

I’m sure you know people have formed their own opinions by what they’ve seen on tv, blogs etc. Do you feel there’s a side of you that hasn’t really been shown? I think they showed me for the most part. They really didn’t show how intelligent I am though. People think I’m ditsy and dumb, I mean I have my slow moments… but I’m really a lowkey genius. Lol. They hit the crazy right on the spot though. I’m definitely crazy as hell. In real life. Haha. Most geniuses are though, right!?

I’ve noticed you’re a woman of many talents. You have a mixtape coming out soon, a radio show and a book out. You’ve also done some modeling and acting. How do you manage your time? An idle mind is a devil’s playground. I love to stay busy. I literally love the entertainment industry. I feel like I was born for this. When my parents passed away within months of each other last year, I kept busy to keep from being depressed or fall into a dark whole. I had a lot to do. From moving, handling everything, important stuff, I found myself becoming even more myself and really becoming even more creative. They say your best work comes from the unhappiest of times.

I’ve seen you speak a lot about recipes and cooking. Can you tell us a little about #ABiteWithJudi? Being rooted from Louisiana, and growing up in Chicago… All I know is good food. My mom and her whole side, my Creole side, are amazing Cooks. My dad’s side is too. I have that mix of southern cuisine from soul food, to gumbo and craw fish. My mom has a ton of cook books that I kept. She use to always pull recipes for us to try, adding her own little twist. In my first book that was published this past summer, I included some of my moms and Louisiana’s most popular recipes. My mom had retired and planned on maybe opening up a little restaurant upon moving back to Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am now in the works of venturing on that path, with a lot more surprises dealing with food. The hash tag #ABiteWithJudi is like a food diary on Instagram. My fans can see all the great food I eat, and can try themselves if they aren’t use to thinking out the box or trying new things. It’s all going to tie in to my plan. Mwuahahaha. 😉

What would you say is your most important project/venture right now? I am in works of really using my social media platform and emerging media into my work. I have started a food blog on Tumblr, and I am diving more into acting and art. I really want to do voice overs too. The possibilities are endless. I have a love for traveling so I have been going out the country back to back. I just came back from Amsterdam which was absolutely amazing, and looking forward to going to Punta Cana and Aruba this summer. I am also still getting settled in first owned new home, and in my new city Atlanta! I am just trying to grow spiritually and emotionally right now. Laugh. Eat. Travel.

Can you share a little about your book? How long did it take for you to write it? What is it about? What inspired you to write it? My book took about 3 months. I had the support of my publisher helping me too. The whole book is my directing though. It’s dedicated to my parents and all proceeds went to Lung cancer which is what my mommy passed from. It’s a romantic thriller and it has a ton of imagery from my mom’s childhood, my childhood, the south and my dad’s life. I even incorporated my poetry, and my illustrations in the book as well. It is really a work of art, and not the basic tell all that most reality stars do. I’m always asked the question of if I am Haitian. In the book I distinguished the different between Louisiana Creole, which is what I am, and Haitian Kreyol. The one thing they do have in common though, and that’s magic. I made sure the readers were aware of that fact.

Do you have anymore books in the works? Yes! I can’t wait to show what’s next. Want to use my sense of humor, and past struggles. Stay tuned!

What can we expect next from Judi Jai? I am definitely going to be doing more TV, and hopefully the big screens soon too. I want to bring magic to life. Like a modern day Walt Disney. I have so many ideas. Just feeling out what’s my true destiny. Whatever Path I choose, I’m sure it won’t disappoint my fans!

It was a pleasure interviewing Judi. Such a bright and lively personality. Be on the lookout for her as she rises to the next level, accomplishing her goals. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen Judi! To keep up with Judi and what she has going on, follow the links below.



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