King Nahh, a motivational speaker at the age of 9!

Nyeeam Hudson, also known as King Nahh, is one of the brightest children I have come across on the internet. At the young age of 9 years old, he acts as a motivational speaker for children as well as parents. I’ve been following this young man for quite some time now and am amazed at how boldly and confidently he speaks. King Nahh often stresses the importance of creativity. Not only does he talk the talk, but also walks the walk as he shares his creative talents through acting and rapping.

With numerous videos posted on YouTube, this young man brings a most powerful message to children, parents and families all over. He digs into topics and issues that most kids his age aren’t even thinking about and challenges his viewers to think and make a change. Some of the topics I’ve heard King Nahh speak about are learning, love, family, safety, community involvement, creativity and how to have fun. This intelligent young man shares his opinions and possible solutions for things like police brutality and self-esteem of children.

I am quite sure he has been an inspiration to others as he has been to me with his meaningful, uplifting and inspirational messages. King Nahh is currently working on a film called “Children are the Future” in hopes to motivate people around the world to find the greatness inside of them and let it out. His main goal is to give children all around the world the opportunity to showcase their greatness. Click here to support King Nahh and his film “Children are the Future”


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