Judi Jai releases a romantic thriller novel FOU: Til Death Do Us Part

Judith Camille Jackson, also known as Judi Jai, has released a romantic thriller novel titled FOU: Til Death Do Us Part. You may know Judi Jai from Oxygen Network’s “Bad Girls Club Season 7”, but she wears many hats. She has done modeling, acting, radio hosting, poetry and more. She’s also trying to give herself a name as an author with the release of FOU.

The setting of this story is in the swamps of Louisiana, where black magic and paranormal behavior are the norm. FOU is a tale of two best friends who were connected because of their Telekinesis, or as some refer to as “Voodoo.” When one friend falls in love, the other conjures up some black magic in hopes to renew their strong bond.

This book also holds some of Judi’s poems, and even her mother’s very own Creole recipes! Judi has developed a strong interest and recipes, leading her to work on special food projects to share. Tune into Judi’s Tumblr for recipes and also search the hashtag #ABiteWithJudi on Instagram to tune into all my great eats! Judi told me in an Exclusive Interview,

“The hash tag #ABiteWithJudi is like a food diary on Instagram.”

The fact that Judi added her mother’s recipes in her book shows her desire to share. She wishes to use this as a tool to share recipes and everyday food she eats with her fans. Pushing them to think outside the box when it comes to food, she delivers some of her favorite meals and encourages fans to try it themselves.

Judi has dedicated this book to her parents and decided to give proceeds to lung cancer, which is what her mother passed from. By donating proceeds of her book to Lung Cancer Awareness, Judi hopes to help find a cure for this disease. Using this book as a way to keep her family legacy and memories alive, she incorporated imagery from her mom’s childhood, her own childhood, the south and her father’s life. When I asked Judi about her book she said,

“It is really a work of art, and not the basic tell all that most reality stars do.”

Her book gives us a glimpse of her artistic side, not only with her poetry, but even some of her illustrations. Using this creative avenue to share her family legacy and life experiences was a really bold and empowering move. If you would like to learn more about Judi’s book FOU: Til Death Do Us Part, CLICK HERE. This intriguing book FOU, is available at Barnes and Noble.CLICK HERE to purchase. Also, if you would like to learn more about Judi Jai, please read the Exclusive Interview, where she shares a little about her personal life and plans for the future.

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