10 Year Old Boy Becomes an Author

JaMar Taylor, a fifth grader from Washington State, recently published his first book. He actually wrote this children’s book two years ago at the age of 8. Illustration and formatting of the book is now finished and it’s available on multiple outlets including Amazon. 

Let’s get to know JaMar a little better. He’s a ten year old boy who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 8. “JaMar has always been creative, imaginative and looked at things differently than most children his age.” Says his mother, JaVohn Perry. She stated that she initially had him start writing stories because of his incredible imagination. “He would tell people these silly stories and try to convince them that the outrageous events really happened.” His mother had him write a portion of the story everyday until it was finished. “I found an amazing illustrator online, named Fuuji  Takashi, who was able to create a character and illustrate each page.” JaVohn informs us.

JaMar’s book is titled “All About Me: Truth or Fiction”. It is a children’s story full of imagination and adventure. The book is about JaMar and the reader gets to guess what is true and what is fiction. Once the reader has made their guess, they flip the page to find out if their guess was correct. 

If you’d like to purchase JaMar’s book, click on one of the following links:

Purchase on Amazon

Purchase on Createspace

JaMar has written another book  that is waiting for illustration and is sure to have many more books published. If you’d like to keep up with JaMar and check out his latest developments, follow him on social media at the following links:




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