Mic Righteous to Release New Album ‘Too Honest’

YOBCULTUREFINAL-300x300Mic Righteous is not new to UK’s music scene. He’s been expressing himself through music long before his first album titled “Yob Culture” in the year 2011. Mic Righteous has been putting out music for fans, as early as the year 2005. He has also appeared on shows like SBTV’s Warm Up Sessions and Fire in the Booth with Charlie Sloth on BBC Radio 1 Xtra. This UK rapper has been featured in major outlets such as MTV,  The Guardian and GRM Daily.

Although Mic Righteous has created a lane of his own, some have compared him to artists like DMX and Eminem. With his extremely versatile style, you’ll notice a mild, medium to aggressive flow all in one song.

mic righteous1As an outgoing and very opinionated artist, Mic also uses his voice and music to make important statements. He’s recently partnered with PaKow, a UK-based clothing brand dedicated to performing charitable acts and giving back to the earth.

Mic left his fans wanting more with the release of his 2016 album “Dreamland”, which is available on many online sites including iTunes. He also gave fans the option to purchase a signed physical copy of this album. He’s been letting his fans know via social media that his next album “Too Honest” is on its way. He’s got us all on the edge of our seats. Can’t wait to hear it!

Keep up with Mic Righteous by following him on social media:




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