Marcelo Ment, Street Artist

Marcelo Ment1Street art and graffiti are very common forms of expression in Brazil. Bursting with culture, the street buildings and walls turn many heads. You’ll see everything humor and political statements to opinions and free art expressed through these works. Most street artists use their talent to make a statement or just as a form of expression.

One of these artists is Marcelo Ment. He is a very marcelo ment5talented artist from Brazil. Being a big part of today’s Brazilian urban art, he has made himself well-known. His self-taught skills help brighten up the streets of Brazil and demonstrate graffiti culture. For many years Marcelo Ment has been expressing himself through his art to the world. His art can be found in major street art publications as well as on the walls and streets of Brazil (of course). He not only does street art, but also beautiful sketches and designs.

Marcelo Ment3

Marcelo Ment’s work is usually filled with Bursts of color and defining lines. You’ll often find graffiti style words hidden within a beautifully detailed character. You may also notice a 3 point crown in many of his pieces. This lovely and unique style draws attention and admiration.

If you would like to view some of Marcelo Ment’s breathtaking art and check out his projects, visit his website.

You can also follow him on the following social media sites:





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