The History of Marquise Diamonds

The popular style of Marquise Diamonds is on the rise. Although they have been popular for quite some time now, their popularity is growing. Their soft yet sharply cut points present a very sophisticated look. This is what gives Marquise Diamonds fame among traditional and also modern styled diamonds. These elegant diamond cuts will give you the edge you are looking for, without straying completely away from the norm. Here is a bit more history on the smile shaped diamonds.

How They Were Inspired

The inspiration for the Marquise Diamond dates all the way back to the French Renaissance. It is believed that the marquise shape was created in 18th century France, under the rule of King Louis XV. Story has it that the king created a new shape that looked like the smile of his favorite mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. So this is where we get the shape and name of the Marquise Diamond.

Physical Characteristics

With a shape inspired by a smile, Marquise Diamonds are often said to resemble a boat. You will find that they are sometimes referred to as navette diamonds which, in French translates to “little boat”. Marquise Diamonds appear too large. The fact that they are approximately twice as long as they are wide gives the a long look. Marquise diamonds are typically cut as standard round brilliant. Marquise Diamonds include 58 facets total. You’ll find 33 facets on the crown and 25 on pavilion. The pavilion can also be cut with 4, 6 or 8 main facets.

Stone Proportions

The Marquise Diamond is sometimes said to be too thick or too thin in regards to proportion. The desired proportion for navettte diamonds is a 2:1, referring to length to width ratio. Keeping this in mind, there are various options within this ratio. You are able to personalize your stone by choosing a porportion that fits you.

The Bow Tie Effect

The bow tie effect is very common with the Marquise Diamonds as well as other oval or pear shaped diamonds. You will often see dark shapes across the middle of the width of the diamond. This dark shapes are said to look like a bow tie. Although diamond cutters try extremely hard to decrease the chances of this happening, it is quite difficult to avoid. Also, attempting to avoid the bow tie effect will sometimes result in a dull stone. The more well proportioned the diamond, the less noticeable the bow tie effect will be. Some proportions cause light to seep through the sides and bottom of the diamond instead of reflecting on the top. Marquise Diamonds are beautiful stones and you will find that they are typically 10% less than other round brilliant cuts. The popularity of this stone is growing day by day. As a diamond popular among celebrities as well as the general public, the Marquise lives up to it’s reputation. It is important to keep all of the above information in mind when purchasing a Marquise Diamond.

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