Ashley A. Woods, Artist and Illustrator

ashley woodsArt and illustration is something growing more popular as the years pass. In particular, we are seeing more illustrators getting widespread recognition for their work. Everything has a season and now it seems like comic books and characters are making their way back around the cycle.

Chicago artist Ashley A. Woods is definitely on the rise as an illustrator. Her unique and desirable style of art has proven to catch many eyes.

The Chicago native started by self-publishing a comic series called “Millennia War” while going to the International Academy of Design and Technology. Ashley ashley-woods1.jpgobtained her degree in Video and Animation and traveled to Japan to present Millennia War. This action-fantasy series was featured in the Out of Sequence exhibition in Kyoto, Japan in 2008. Once she returned to the states some of her work was included in the  “Black Comix” compilation table top book.

Niobe-1-Contest-Winner-Michael-Person-600x911Another one of Ashley’s projects, NIOBE: She is Life’ is being nationally distributed. This comic features a black female writer, a black female artist, and a black female protagonist. Published by Stranger Comics, this series is a story of “love, betrayal, and ultimate sacrifice”. Working alongside Sebastian A. Jones & Amandla Stenberg (writers), Darrell May (layouts) and Michael Person (cover), Ashley showcases her expression of art in this comic series.

Her breathtaking art is definitely something to keep an eye out for as she continues on the rise! If you would like to view Ashley’s work and keep up with her current projects visit her website.


You can also follow her on the social media sites below:








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